Frequently asked questions

  • What hair types are your shampoos appropriate for?

    Our shampoo is effective across a wide range of hair types and is suitable for normal to oily hair. You can select the best one for your hair type by reading the detailed descriptions of our products.

  • Do your products include natural ingredients?

    Our products contain natural and effective ingredients. For example, we include ingredients that promote hair health, such as argan oil and coconut oil. Ingredient lists are available on the relevant product pages.

  • What are some recommendations for usage for your shampoos?

    Each product's usage instructions are located on the packaging. In general, apply to wet hair, rinse thoroughly, and repeat as needed. You can learn more about the products by visiting their pages.

  • Do your products have an expiry date?

    If not opened, the product has a 3-year shelf life from the date of manufacture.

  • Have your shampoos been dermatologically tested?

    Our products have been dermatologically approved and tested in independent laboratories.


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