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Using local funding, ABC Deterjan was founded in Osmaniye in 1972. Initially established as Başer Kimya, the business produced chemical raw materials for both local and foreign markets. The brand was purchased and fully domesticated and nationalized in 2008. The business was renamed as ABC Deterjan in 2010.
Under the auspices of ABC Deterjan, our HAIR2000 brand has been engaging with customers in the personal care sector for 23 years. As HAIR2000, we are always putting the most cutting-edge raw materials and technologies to the test and creating new formulas in collaboration with our Research and Development Center and knowledgeable consultants.
To accurately understand and satisfy Iraqi consumers' expectations, we have made listening to them the core of our business strategy. We provide the best goods and services to meet the requirements and preferences of our customers with our shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, and shower gel products. We take great pride in being the market leader in Iraq and in being a well-known brand within the category.


As HAIR2000, our goal is to be a market leader in dependable, cutting-edge, and customized care products.


We aim to lead the competition in the market for hygiene and personal care products by providing goods and services that best meet the needs of a diverse consumer base. To sustain profitability, HAIR2000 endeavors to maintain its standing as an organization that elicits delight and instills a sense of pride among its partners, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Hair imagery

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